Community Services

Our hearts are attuned to the needs of the families in our area. We support those who have lost an infant or child; or lost someone dear to them who died in the line of public service through three unique programs.

The Blevins Cherub Service

We believe those families who have suffered the loss of a baby have enough to bear without incurring the expenses of a funeral. We offer a casket and our services for an infant funeral at the graveside at no charge. We simply ask the family to obtain a grave space and pay the cemetery cost.

The Blevins Public Servant Service

All active duty military personnel, police officers, fire fighters, and emergency medical personnel serve our communities at great risk of injury and death. In the event that any such servant of the communities in which we serve dies in the line of action, we will furnish our staff services, facilities, and equipment for a Traditional Funeral Service with a steel casket and a steel burial vault, all at no charge. We salute these valuable members, in the communities that we serve, with sincere appreciation for their unselfish contributions to the safety and well-being of everyone who lives or visits these communities.

The Blevins Child’s Service

Upon the death of a child, we offer the following deductions from our standard traditional charges for our professional services, facilities, equipment, and automobiles: 1 – 3 years old – 75% discount 4 – 6 years old – 50% discount 7 – 10 years old – 25% discount.